Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gorilla Brushes

A celebration of life (funeral) this weekend brings me again to the somber side of reality and forces me toward making some sort of sense from all the activity around me and those I love. Every time I raise my "gorilla" brushes and move toward a visual realization of something vague yet real in my mind ( it the imagination or perhaps the subconscious?) I am brought toward Matt's reality and find myself looking for meaning in the ugly and harsh aspects of daily life.

Oh, I see and believe in the beautiful, but there are always two sides that make us all whole in so many ways, and I feel like there is a need to balance the both continuously. I have had an hour or so to work in the studio this morning and that is precious time for me, but my responsibility to my students and my school is rising in my mind and I have a long list of things to do, so that is where I am now heading! Here's a shot of one of my Gorilla brushes with a recent sketch begun in the background.

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