Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice Storm Driving

I did not take any pictures while driving home this morning as the roads were covered with ice, there was very little traffic, Jen and I were the only ones adventurous/stupid enough to be out on the road, there were lots of sanding trucks and lots of ice all over the car. I stopped three or four times to break up the ice on the wipers and to clean the ice off the edges of the windshield.

We just went slow and got home in four hours or so, not really finding that there was any difficulty, just paying close attention to the road and looking out for slippery spots, of which there were a few.

I got home and just had to record the ice before it got dark, so I took my DSLR, screwed a 4X close-up filter on the 50mm lens and took some of these pictures. I also brought my fixed lens zoom and got some pictures of the ice on the trees, but from a different perspective. Beautiful stuff!

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