Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Last Snow Day

... well, of 2013 anyway. It looks like it is going to be a long and snowy winter, considering that we are just past the middle of December. Add to that on the other end of the winter the fact that my brother Vern and I walked across the ice on Flanders Bay (yes, salt water) about six years ago on the first day of spring. Yes, that would be March 21st! So, given the possible length of winter here in Maine, it could be "snow fun", or with a slight linguistic twist, "s'no fun"! I prefer the former as a Maine boy who walked back and forth to school through 3 feet of snow uphill both ways. I will don my snowshoes later today and take a photographic stroll in the snow. Maybe a later post with results, my favorite post on this site has always been one of my earliest ones...

So here is a "selfie" I took when I got in from the snow. Color? Oh, look... a primary triad (with an accent of green) that really seems to make things clean and vibrant!

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