Saturday, December 21, 2013

More Fun in the Snow

Of course, Jackson refuses to wear mittens or anything on his head, but I am sure he will get over that when he realizes how much more fun he can have in the snow with the proper gear. He was frozen, with his little hands like ice and his head bare, when I took the "family snow shot". If you look closely you can tell he was not happy to have to stay still to have his photo done. We did, however, manage to produce a couple of large-scale snow monsters, one becoming a robot figure and the other a cartoon "little person". The really small snowman with the carrot nose was JAckson's and I think his first. He loved it, especially when he knocked the head off and we had to keep putting it back on the body.

Torrey and I dragged a few things up from the basement to embellish the figures with and had a lot of fun in the process. If they soak up with water during the rain that is coming, and then freeze, they may very well be there all winter!

And then of course, Torrey and I had to go out tonight and photograph the snowmen in the dark. More drama there, you know!

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