Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sandy Hook One Year

I've done some "blubbering" today as I read accounts from the parents and friends around that terrible tragedy from a year ago, with it seemingly right in the front of my mind when I think of my own boys and how precious the many years with them have been. Even more so when I think of my young grandson and the short lives of all those young children.

I saw the image that I am posting here, and thoughts instantly came to mind around the innocence and transcendence in the enjoyment of life by the young. If we can continue to find value in who we are and what we do into old age we truly have completed an accomplishment worthy of this life on earth. I was struck by symbols here, metaphor in the absence of the "makers" and the object of an angel as the subject of these simple inventions. There is a spirit around us whose ways I think we will never understand, but it will always help us "feel", be it joy or sorrow!

My nephew and his family visited this weekend. He and his wife and two young girls.

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