Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Day of Art at MDI High School

The days start out quick this semester with three straight classes before having a chance to work with studio or AP or Sr. Exhibition students during the last block of the day in a more informal setting. I walked into Dan's room and thought I saw a re-enactment of a Jackson Pollock moment as a student began to drip blue paint on a large panel laid face up on the floor. After the three students in my room had asked permission to "toe paint" (their own version of fingerpainting) and prepared the paint and the floor while discussing strategies for their approach to the work I went back into Dan's room. There I saw the development of that piece to include a paint roller on a long handle to reach all areas and cover the "ground" surface with a smoothing texture (photo). What an ending to another good day! And the work is not finished, students will continue tomorrow.

George, whom I ride share with on our 35 minute commute to school, had a few icicles hanging on his house today, so I got a photo of those as well. Boy! They went from roof to ground. The lengths of them remind me of the winter that is already behind us and the length of the days increasing slowly but surely.

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