Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wild Wednesday

Is there really a "d" in Wednesday? It looks kinda strange to me, but it seems right. What a "crazy" day! Meetings after school, missed meetings during the day, and things in general just being at odds with themselves. Students make it so worthwhile though, with great successes in Photography and some very nice work going on in my Digital Media I class. Go guys!

Jen is sick, diagnosed with strep throat, and feeling horrible. Unfortunately, I was distracted by work today, and although I did get the message to pick up her prescription on the way home, I was later arriving home so am in the doghouse. I must try to do better and not settle for being "better than nothing".

I am preparing student and my own work for the Bangor shows coming up in March as part of "Youth Art Month" across the nation. More successes for the arts in our wonderful country! I will post some of my images here, but I am going to show my first straight photograph, and I've picked out the shot of our apple tree above to print.

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