Monday, February 23, 2009


I just came in from about an hour on snowshoes around the house and out on the bay. No school today was not surprising as I looked out and realized that there's no place else to push the snow. A couple more storms like this and we will have to climb in through a window.

Photographs of this beautiful and yet dangerous side of nature were not hard to come by and I probably shot 150 visions of snow, ice, and wind. I have always professed to be a believer in the "non-snowday" as I think it is much better to enjoy the State of Maine in June than in January, but being out there today and looking for the beauty in the fierceness of nature has swung me around. It is wet, wild, chilling and challenging to be on a pair of snowshoes out on Flander's Bay during a February snowstorm.

Here are a couple of the pictures I took.

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  1. yup, I'm jealous of the snow