Friday, February 27, 2009

The Arts are Alive and Well (on iTunes)

Well, I'm sitting here at the computer after copying a 2 disk Heart album for Matt and realizing that Torrey had given me a $25 gift certificate for the iTunes store that I had never redeemed. Well, redeemed is the right word, but I had to recall my account name, password and all the rest of that stuff. Then I had to authorize my computer, which was another step (and, boy am I dyslexic tonight, I'm spelling everything backwards) involving the help menu and researching the "how to" of iTunes. But I'm downloading a movie I rented to watch on my iPod and we'll see how that goes. It's Ridley Scott's Body of Lies so I think from the trailers that I'll like the action of it. Film and art, that's what it's all about, right Torrey?

I also had a long conversation on the phone tonight with an art teacher from the College of the Atlantic and have a good list of names of contacts and such and am looking forward to making some connections with COA. She even mentioned that they are looking for someone to do some teaching of web design for them, and I would get a kick out of that as well. I hope we get some turnout for the RPC meeting in Ellsworth next week. I really would like to start a group that would do some of the same kinds of things that are going on with Art in the Heart in the Bangor area. I know we are smaller here in Hancock county, but we have some excellent resources and I think that banding together we could accomplish some great things in the arts!

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