Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday That's Really a Monday

How frustrating is that? We start the week a day behind and the only thing that makes sense from it is that the week is 4 days long... however I didn't have interweb at home for 2 days and now none of the servers at school are working because the power went out at the end of the day and I suspect it has not returned as yet. A current shot of meThe digital arts are so important to all we do, and when the hardware isn't working it really tests my pragmatism. The good news is that I can always draw, and so I dig out my journal and use the time I have in a way that is meaningful to me rather than devoting my home time to activities for my students. Not selfish, just practical!

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  1. I've seen you at school, Charlie, and you are somehow able to squeeze 11 1/2 hours of student oriented school work from an 8 hour day! Do digital folks have a way of compressing time or something? I have experienced just the opposite when I use the "inter-web"... a two hour project can easily turn into a 5 hour mania. Dan :)