Monday, October 5, 2009

Bumper Dismantling Debris

The early morning work before I took Matt to Bangor consisted of dismantling my bumper from the parts that it tore off the frame of my truck when it let go. All of the connecting bolts were half inch and single piece lock nuts, and very rusty, so I didn't know if they would come apart without a great deal of force. They did come apart, but with a great deal of heat and pneumatic tools. It is a long story and the point is that I got this interesting shot of the debris, totally random, but somehow framed around the cardboard slab I used to protect the floor. The tools I used are there as well as the debris of rust and parts. Beauty is not always beautiful.

Yesterday ended with me having an uncomfortable feeling inside my body. I couldn't define exactly what was bothering me, but it was gone this morning, so I'll do what I do best with things that tend to disturb me, I'll ignore it.

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