Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunrise and Photography

Awesome is the best description for the sunrise as we passed the Taunton River Bridge in Hancock/Sullivan yesterday morning. I remember back in the 70's capturing a shot of purple sky and clouds on that same spot, but it was a different bridge and the sun was setting... I think I have a slide of it somewhere. Mother nature offers us so much if we just take part in it. I honestly think I could live anywhere except a city and be happy.

My Photo One class is processing their film, and it is so exciting to see them marvel at the results. Yesterday was contrast filters and reading negatives/contact sheets and the first print of the semester was shoes on the floor, and I may post it with permission at a later time. I do have a few foot draggers, but they were grounded yesterday, so I'm not too worried about them keeping up with things. It's a great class with about six students sharing leadership roles. They digitize all their work and do a Keynote for their portfolio task as well as turn in all assignments on the computer.

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