Saturday, October 3, 2009

Somehow Disjointed...

The last few days, and my last attempt at blog post from school, have been up and down, scattered feeling so I fell back on the old right brain and worked in my studio for a while. Selfish of me, but I need to settle myself sometimes too, and the many things weighing from home and school (such as repairing truck and getting assignments graded and posted) are always that unless respite (lucky me I still have my mind, huh?) comes my way, and when it doesn't come my way I go find it. The creative process almost always cleanses me, and by association I hope it helps those around me as well.
Time I take in the studio is mine and no one else's, so it is ultimately selfish of me when there are so many important things needing to be done here at and around the house. I will take a biggest part of the day tomorrow for Matt as I am going to Bangor (melancholy) with him for a movie and some music.
My studio is a pigpen right now (see picture) and I should take time to clean, but that won't happen until things loosen up a bit. Another conference next week, maybe a start on the truck, but we'll see.

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