Monday, October 26, 2009

It Feels Like Drawing

I spend a part of each day doing some sort of drawing, but this weekend the 2 drawings that I did on a cardboard scrap panel echoed the works I had painted at haystack last month, but with a bit more order and a lot more delicacy. I ended up with finishing details in colored pencil, which I really enjoy as a tool, but hardly ever use as a medium in a work all by itself.

The first two photos are details of this weekend's work, a two-sided piece that folds and is free standing. I started to think of function that the work might have and I saw it sitting on a table and offering some sort of privacy for a part of a room or a table top. In my case it would probably cover/block a messy section of table. The other two pictures are of the sharpening scraps from the last colored pencil work on the piece and a photo of it standing on my studio floor.

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