Sunday, January 9, 2011

Choices... Anything is Possible

High Dynamic Range and such has been something I have been reading about quite a bit lately and I'm not sure... should the photographer use every tool available to obtain the image that seems the best? I understand the difficulty of shooting a picture that has darks and lights in conflict with one another, but to make something that gives us more information than the human eye can just doesn't seem natural, and of course, it isn't. So the difference is what I am looking at as I post these two identical (well, they are the same picture, I have just pulled more information out of the shadows and placed a little bit more in the highlights to give it an extended dynamic range. While one might see more information, it still doesn't seem natural to me. You judge. I took this shot in my studio while I was downloading 3 hours of video from last Friday's Senior Exhibition. It went great and I may post some things from it after I get my act together!

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