Saturday, January 1, 2011

Song of India (Ryan's Plant)

Stumbling around the house looking for something to photograph, I came across the big Song of India plant in the bedroom and started shooting closeups of it. There is a sensuality to being so close to the subject and it becomes very intimate, even though these are not a great resolution and don't have the detail they might when taken with a "real" camera. It is about the "feeling" of the photo and I think that is why I keep coming back to O'Keeffe's abstractions and the sensual qualities they possessed. They still amaze me, as does the prolific amount of work she accomplished even into her later years. There is still hope for more to be done!

I'm feeling good with the green and I hope these last couple of days are a symbol of the kind of winter we might have, although it is always good for some reason.

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