Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Matt Out of the Hopital!

While it seems like a red letter day, there are still many stress factors and such to contend with in a new environment even if it isn't a "hospital. I am so proud of how Matthew handles things and he amazes me with his coping skills. Probably an illegal photo taken here, but nobody is identifiable and Matthew was discharged and all.

I was too easily frustrated tonight on the phone with him and feel that I did not do him the justice that he has done his mother and I, but I will make it up to him after he adjusts to his new space. He told me he got his things packed away and so I think he has started, at least, to settle in with things.

Jen and I took a detour through Castine on the way home and just kind of tried to process things in our own way, by sharing a positive adventure together. She has had her real estate license and dealt with real estate for years and we were amazed by the homes that were and were not for sale on the peninsula. Here's a shot (Hipstamatic) of Castine Harbor.

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