Monday, August 27, 2012

Morning Leaves

I almost went into work today. As a salaried employee (read - teacher) who is required by contract to be in school at specified times, any of those times (and there are many) that I spend in school beyond the parameters of my contract I just I would consider a bonus to my learners. Many of us in the teaching profession provide that bonus time on a regular basis. The difference now in the 21st century is that students/parents have access to teachers at an unprecedented level. Sure there was always telephone, or at least since Bell invented it, but with texting, video and all the supporting social media that exists today we as educators have an opportunity to work with our learners in completely new ways.

So why is change so difficult? Why aren't we meeting learners more "where they are at"? Why is it so difficult to let go of tradition and move forward in new and different ways? I am not the sort of educator that usually leaves questions unanswered, but in this case the answers will provoke other questions. Here are some connected photos from our driveway this morning while fetching the Bangor Daily.

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