Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sullivan Days Fireworks

 First, briefly, I wanted to post a picture of the summer squash in the upper garden. That soil has a lot of clay in it, but those plants took off this week while I was away from home and I was amazed when I saw them.

Yes, I did go over to the bridge after I got back from Bangor to see the fireworks at the Taunton River Bridge. Mostly to take some pictures of fireworks, but also just to see the lights and get the experience of being within a couple hundred yards of the display. We can see the Bar Harbor 4th of July fireworks from the house and even see the "high ones" at the bridge tonight from the house upstairs, but there's nothing like being there. Here are five that I was sort of happy with, although I had the older auto focus Sony and struggled with focus. Essentially I was in a hurry when I got back and grabbed the wrong camera! Oh well...

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