Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall is Coming, Fog in Bar Harbor and Out for a Sail

Fall is coming for sure... when the trees start to turn it's a pretty good bet that either the nights are going to get cold or they already have. The last full moon brought temperatures dipping into the 30's during the clear nights, but it does make it good for sleeping. I don't mind the cold, but I'm a little bit "spleeny" in my old age and I like the warmth more. This shot was taken along the Blink Bonnie Golf Course shore and is really the only tree along there that is starting to turn.

Fog in Bar Harbor I guess! I snapped the shot above on my bike ride down to the Gouldsboro Grange, and there's always a good view just up beyond Young's Store. Today the fog had pushed up into Frenchman's Bay and pretty much obliterated any view of the coastal city from this side of the bay. The fog has been in and out all day, and parts of it are very dense.

Then there was the sailing! David and I went out around 2 this afternoon and got a beautiful sail around the bay and even out past Shefflin's Point. We had the boat up to 6.7 knots but only put the rail down once. The wind was steady and pretty sharp in some places out away from the islands. We went into whitecaps and pretty decent (maybe 2-3 feet) waves for a while there. It was a good afternoon, I wish there were a lot more left this fall, but I'm afraid they are about gone! It feels good to get some more pictures up here on the blog.

I'm starting school now, so I will hopefully have some things posted here on a daily basis for my photography classes.

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