Friday, September 4, 2009

Slowing down... Now that school has started I need to refocus for awhile. I never realized how much time (and energy) has gone into doing a post every day. It's not just the time of writing, editing, etc., it's also the constant quest for photos. I find myself "bumming out" when I pass up a shot. I had two or three yesterday and today that I know would have been great shots, but I had to get to school, or I wasn't carrying my camera (biggest mistake a "photographer" can make) and so missed the opportunities for which I am positive could have been great shots. Sooo... having said all this, I am going to revert (for the rare time - because I have posted some shots of 40 years ago that I scanned) to using an older shot that I might have taken this summer or such. Hmmm, well let's go into my iPhoto library.

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