Monday, September 14, 2009

Surprise Visit!

I love it when students come back to visit me, and many of them stay in touch and make an occasional connection through email or FaceBook. It really is amazing to see how young people change even over a few short years, and the maturity and life experience they bring back often move me in amazing ways. I've always loved to teach, and to teach young people methods and materials to express themselves is beyond belief rewarding. I have seen students just this past week gather the rhythms of full arm motion drawing (and truly appreciate the video I made of them doing it), discover a new sensibility (and sense of self) for the art of collage, and beam with glee at the results of their first photograms.

Today, one of the top art students I have ever worked with came into my room with the new life she had created. They were both beautiful! Thanks.

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