Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Night...

Yesterday I got a boat ride from Winter Harbor to Bar Harbor for pizza at Rosalie's and then a sunset cruise back to WH. What a beautiful afternoon and evening on the water! Bar Harbor was pretty crowded as it usually is, but the pace was easy going and relaxed, and so very enjoyable. The above shot is the part of Bar Harbor that we see from our living room windows in the gap off the end of Treasure Island.

As we were coming back around Grindstone Neck the moon was just coming up and it put a gorgeous accent onto the cruise up the sound. Very little light for "moonshots", so I tried tweaking the shot a bit with photo software, but a digital shot is a lot like film in that the original (negative in film?) gives you all it can, and sometimes there is information there that you can get out and others times there isn't. In this shot there is a lot of grain that I couldn't remove without detail loss so I just sharpened it to make the grain a part of things. The composition was kind of abstract anyway, and I think the shot captured the "mellow" mood of the evening.

I am still fascinated by the movement of water and the "freezing" accomplished at high shutter speeds. I took a series of shots off the starboard side of the boat as we were heading toward Bar Harbor (and into the sun) and this is one of them. The bubbles and the droplets of water almost seem to contribute the same thing to the picture but in an opposite way.

A pair of eagles with two offspring at Winter Harbor and I got this hurried shot of the "Old Man" in a tree looking over the harbor. Boy, they are a huge bird and they really dominate the sky when they are in the air. OK, so four pictures... I am beginning to get back into the "photographer" mode, now I just need to tune up my writing to get back together.

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