Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bermuda Yacht Enters Flander's Bay

About 5 p.m. this afternoon a yacht flying the Bermuda Flag motored inot the bay and dropped anchor about 400 yards off Treasure Island. It is a beauty! At more than 100 feet long, the cabin space, the rigging and all the finish is just gorgeous. While it isn't a brand new boat, it is well-maintained and has all the newest electronics, including navigation satellite system and solid state radar. I took the whole family out on the speedboat and we got a closeup look at it then cruised along the shore down to Gouldsboro for a fun evening ride.

The last picture I took was off the mooring as I was putting the boat up and I got an osprey just diving for a fish. I had been casting my line out to see if there were any mackeral about and he had flown over to check on what I was doing. I thought for a moment that he was upset that I might have been after some of his fish!

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