Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Camera

Yeah, I know I skipped a day, but I just got a new DSLR, a Sony "Alpha 330", and although a seeming step down from it's predesessor the 300, I find it a versatile and comfortable camera to use. I am still getting used to its capabilties and have discovered a great deal so far. The shots I'm posting tonight were all taken at dusk in low light and a high ISO speed (1600) which I have discovered is more "noisy" than I like. I do, however, like the "mood" of the photos I'm posting, and I can thank the low light for that.

There seems to be no lens aberration here as with the HX1 I've been using for that past 6 months, and I like the sharp focuss all the way to the edges that this DSLR gives. Anyway, I'll be trying more things with this new equipment, and that's exciting for me!

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