Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day Mostly on the Water

Vern and I got the mower on the Cub put together with some some new teeth we had to rivet onto the sickle bar and I did some mowing in the morning, then he and Luke went out for a sail and a picnic lunch.

I took the speedboat by myself, stopped to snap pictures of the boys in the "Teacher's Pet", and then headed for Bar Harbor on a spur of the moment trip. It was a great day and very nice cruise across the bay, although a little rough with the southwest breeze.

I cruised around the harbor, took a few pictures and headed back, and as soon as I got to the mooring there were small schools of herring (or small mackerel, hard to tell which) breaking the surface of the water and frustrating the seagulls, who would dive on them but find that the webbed feet weren't conducive to grasping quick moving fish.

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