Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ride on the Bike, Roadkill, and the Ring

So I felt pretty good this morning, it was a bit cooler, and I took my camera with me on my morning ride. It had been a while since I brought my camera, but as soon as I got into the garage with the bike I noticed the shadows on the floor and got a few good images.

The first thing I saw as I got onto Route 1 was a red squirrel smashed up pretty well. I've posted road kill before, but this one was pretty gross and I thought worth posting. The damage we do.

Yesterday I started a ring for Jen for our 39th anniversary (last weekend) and it is an extension of the work I have been doing with fused glass as I tried just piling up a few small bits of glass to see what they would fire like. I broke the smaller one trying to grind the back of it flat, but then I realized it was fine as it was, so I soldered a bezel together and then finished the ring today. She was pleased and I may do more as I liked the way it came out!

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