Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Schoodic Loop and Watering the Corn

OK, so today was another good one, I got up fairly early as the girls were up to go to a job interview for Lynne in Bangor, and I went out while it was still cool and picked a bunch of blueberries. After the berries were in the fridge, I gathered my empty gas cans ("free" two year old gas from my brother out of a boat he is repairing) and threw my bike into the back of the truck and headed to Winter Harbor to ride the "park loop".

Always an enjoyable ride and a great workout when I push, the loop road is mostly one way traffic and full of sights to see, that even though I roamed those grounds and shores as a kid, continue to amaze and interest me. I will leave out the "typical" shots of scenery and tourists to pay tribute to two artists whose work I find inspiring and to document the injured eagle I spied in the bog on the left just before leaving the park. The artists are Syd Browne and Alan Magee. Syd was an artist in Winter Harbor when I was growing up and he loved to paint with a palette knife the ledges along Schoodic Point. Alan Magee you should get when you see it as his trademark work is beach rocks. The other image is one that I think just has the feel of the ocean and the water rushing forward with the tide, like one is "getting wet".

And then finally, Jen had bemoaned the fact that "her" garden (and it is hers as she has done a lions share of getting and keeping it cleaned out and productive) has gotten so dry the past few days, so I gathered up all the hose I could find and ran a line back up and watered it before supper. The corn is huge and full of ears!

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