Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mostly at GoodWill...

So I spent most of the morning mowing the fields and then Matt wanted to go to Bangor (usually BullMoose is his favorite stop) so I got cleaned up and to Bangor we went. I got three of the photos I'm posting here within a few minutes outside GoodWill. The grasshopper shot is some sort of an enigma to me as all morning I watched them fly around the fields as I mowed (along with what seemed like hundreds of moles and other small rodents - not woodchucks) secure and "fitting" in their natural environment, and then we drive to Bangor and I see one clinging to the glass at the GoodWill store and it seemed so out of context. All kinds of constructs can take place for this photo. It's also untouched other than size reduction for the web.

This last, as I missed the sunset, but managed to get the high tide at the shore. There is something about the water at this time of night that is so delicious. A good swim, if a bit cold coming out.

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