Saturday, November 28, 2009

Abstraction and Reality

OK, so the first photo I'll post here really isn't an abstraction, but rather the "reorganization" or "re-perception" of reality into something not immediately recognizable. The futon in my studio is now missing its mattress, so rather than have a useless place to sleep, I moved it to the basement. It was sitting on its side and I noticed this point of view and had to try a few shots.

The sun kept poking through the clouds and the wind this afternoon, and I was at the landing in Sullivan Harbor when the sun was playing hide and seek. The view of the mountains is nice there and I waited a while before it showed through brightly and gave me this image. I also think I may have coined a new meteorological term with the way the weather was early this morning. I say I think it is new because I have never heard it before; "driving drizzle".

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