Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Saturday/Sunday of it all...

As usual, too much to do and not enough time to do it in. We tried to get the sailboat hauled up for the winter, but the winds did not co-operate with the tides or us. We did, however, get David's Olds Aurora trailered to Winter Harbor and I got the motor off the stern of the speedboat, so the weekend wasn't a "bust", we just ran out of time for other things. Saturday morning we went to get materials such as lumber and sheetrock to put up a wall in the old Grange Hall that Lynne is going to rent and start as a store. Saturday night we were down in WH helping Alan get things (a big old scow in four pieces) off the trailer so we could use it for David's car. The top shot was lit by headlights and the bottom is a "niteshot" taken on the Sony while we were working with flashlights.

Nothing went easy. The Olds had wheels frozen so that we had to take the wheels off and free the brakes, but it trailered easily and went up on jacks well at Winter Harbor. The boat took up a lot of time for nothing as the wind came up as we were preparing to go to haul it out. So the weekend had a lot of "we" and not much "we" all at the same time, didn't it?

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