Sunday, November 22, 2009

Morning Tree, Long Day and The Sign

Actually I think it is two long days, the first with so much stuff around the house, car repair (my son's car, not mine) and getting brother-in-law's boat out of the water for the winter. Three years ago we sailed that boat here to the bay from Winter Harbor in late December and I didn't want to have to mess with a sailboat (you never see many of them sailing around these parts during the winter) much later in the season.

Yesterday morning was a beautiful start with the light on the apple tree catching my eye... there is so much beauty around us all the time. The day ended after my "brothers" and I got the sailboat settled into the cradle and we came back up the bay to the house just before dark. Kind of an interesting photo with the silhouettes of them climbing ashore.

Today was commercial work... the stuff I am not most fond of but I do get satisfaction from a job well done and positive comments by viewers. And painting is something I always enjoy! One side down and I will do the other during Thanksgiving break, hopefully.

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