Thursday, November 19, 2009

Frosty, Misty Morning

I could see leaving the house this morning that we had another case of Frenchman's Bay being socked in with morning misty fog. The tops of the mountains were the only thing visible and as I came into Trenton the frosty fields were gorgeous with their sparkling coat of thin ice. The "mist" seemed a bit lighter than fog and it was apparent that the sun was having a profound effect on how long those suspended particles of moisture could stay afloat.

As I drove down the island, the light streaking through the trees was beautiful in so many places, and I could only grab a couple of random shots. I've been telling students of the "work"of the photographer; finding the shot is not always easy and it takes perseverance and determination to get a really good shot. I find it a shame that I don't have time for either on my drives to work. If I left an hour early (moot now because of darkness) I would have time to search out and pursue those "great" shots, but as it is, I count up the "missed shots" and lament them all.

Is this last photo a "pun"? I "shot some film" this morning, with my digital camera!

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