Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In the Studio...

...and seemingly influenced greatly by what materials and content I am teaching with my Art II students. These things come out of my imagination and my working process. I should clarify imagination as that is one of the discussions my students and I have been having. Imagination can have so many sources that it would be difficult to measure them all, and even if the sources of imagination could be identified and evaluated as to what extent they influence thinking, many sources may be used in a single visual concept. The degree of influence of each source would not matter for most of us as we tend to go with the dominant sources we can identify and connect with easily. When one tries to "get in touch" with the more delicate pieces of the psyche, they often dissolve and lose focus, but by connecting them with another, sturdier, part of the "inner workings" of the mind they can be brought into more focus and in some cases clarified and resolved through connections.

My current piece is obviously about me and much of the confusion I feel in my life. I understand that life is supposed to be hard, and I generally am able to take things for what they are and move on with life, but lately I have so many second thoughts about things. Would I have lived my life the same way given a second chance? Hmmm... "Second Chance" photographed last night in the studio and then again this morning here at school. Example of progression on a piece.

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