Friday, November 27, 2009

"Conflicting Dreams"

I've been pretty busy the past few days working on the sign for the new restaurant here in Sullivan Harbor, but I always manage to "squeeze" some time in for drawing and such. While the prospect of a few extra bucks (not a hunting pun) is a good thing, the time it takes usually draws me away from something else I would rather be doing. Making art is a true joy and there are a few things that I do which don't hang around very long. Jen gives my fused glass body adornments away faster than I can make them, but it does seem to bring happiness to a few people, so I'm good with it. The title of the piece I'm posting here is Conflicting Dreams, and I really finished it about a week ago but just finally got around to photographing some of my recent work. I do a "conflict" piece with my Art II students, but I'm sure where this piece came from had to do with where my mind has been recently. Projecting into the future is not a thing I do well with other than the obvious scheduled sort of life tasks and events, but my dreams lately have been all over the place as I have been. I've discovered... no, actually just realized, that I am bound to the sea in so many ways. I don't really have to live on the ocean, but need to be near enough to walk to it. Islands have always held a dearness to my heart and I can't imagine that feeling changing any time soon in my life, but there is so much tangled up in my imagination and my dreaming that I cannot see. If I were pulled away it would be the end of me I am sure, but the image I am posting is more about the inside of my head than my connections to the sea.

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