Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

My sister-in-law is cooking at the assisted living center that her and Jen's mom is at and today (Thanksgiving Day) she was the on-duty chef, so we went down there for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a chance to visit with "Mom" and see the residents and chat, which is always good for those involved, and there are a lot of nice people down there. I guess it is appropriate that I dedicate this post to my my mother-in-law.

My parents are both gone now, but the girls are fortunate to still have their mom. I always give thanks for the time I had with my folks, but have managed to resolve their absence into memories that I will appreciate for the rest of my life, knowing that my children will miss me when I am gone as well.
Giving thanks is something that I find myself doing often, but the formality of this day sadly gives in to the commercial aspect and justifies for many people a reason to join with family. Shouldn't we do this sort of thing more often without the commercialism or "mandatory" nature of it all?

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