Monday, November 30, 2009

Duality and Both Sides of the Brain

Left-handed, right handed, and who's to say which is correct? Well, "them what knows" have always seen the right-brained of us as odd or unusual and even our language directs negativism towards the left-handed of the human species. But it is one brain that we possess isn't it? If it is separate (which I prefer not to believe) then how do we exist and function under that confusion? Does it make us dualistic, and if so why stop at two, why not become pluralistic to the point of many sides? The explanation is that these sides have different functions, different reasons for being the way they are, different purpose. I am questioning how we could manage without dividing up the labor of the mind, how we can daydream and keep track of where and when we are and how we create and destroy at times with equal aplomb.

I'm concerned about where we are as a country and how our leadership has fallen into the patterns of politics that we were promised would change. Robert Indiana created a new iconic text symbol similar to the stacked "LOVE" using the word "HOPE", but I am losing hope as we prepare for a presidential address (from the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, no less) tomorrow night. More troops (our young people) and, of course more fighting and killing... did we learn nothing from leaders of peace such as Ghandi and King? I love this planet and this country, but I hate war and it's contexts, especially the fundamentalist religious ones, whether they be Muslim or Baptist or Catholic. War for gods? Humbug!

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