Friday, November 27, 2009

Second Thanksgiving

A busy day with finishing up the sign I've been working on and guests almost all day from all over the place. It's funny, but I think I did not even notice the rain until just a few minutes ago when I stepped outside and I've been outside several times today. I don't know whether I was just not paying attention or I just didn't care. But the culmination of today was all about food, and I didn't really eat (aside from a small bowl of cereal this morning after workout) until this evening when my brother and his girlfriend came over for the "second Thanksgiving". It was a good day and I enjoyed everything around me, and I hope it was reciprocated.

The photos posted here were taken during and after our evening meal here. I tried to "tweak" the color a bit with Preview, but these kitchen lights are so warm colored they intensify anything with a yellowish cast. One is of a "turkey meat" closeup and the other is a bag of cornmeal crescent rolls awaiting the fridge.

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