Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dinnerware on Linoleum & The Last Bike Ride?

Unloading the dishwasher came to an abrupt pause this afternoon, but I got a photo that I would probably never think to shoot or arrange as a still life as it was so random, yet there it was, an arrangement of accidental nature. I sort of stopped, grabbed my camera, and took a series of pictures of this "silverware spill" after I dropped the whole tray of utensils on the pantry floor. I just like this photo for the contrast of materials.

This afternoon was so gorgeous that I had to take my bike out, I was powerless, as it beckoned with a voice that was a mixture of demanding growl and provocative murmur. I thoroughly enjoyed it as the last few weekends were not all that "bikish" and it has been a while since I felt that stream of consciousness flowing. I just set the camera on the ground at the side of the road and used a delayed shutter to capture this self portrait (cropped out a telephone pole in the background) of what might be my last bike ride of the season.

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