Sunday, December 13, 2009


The main thing about inspiration is that you never know where it might come from as you move through any given day. I try to keep my eyes and ears open, but it often isn't enough. More is required. When there is not more then one must take what one is given and do the best they can with that simple view, touch, sound or whatever else makes up the individual "muse".
I've had the opportunity to work in the studio today around a trip to Bangor with Matt and Jen to meet our youngest son for lunch. I don't see enough of him and someday I hope to have time to collaborate on something with him, that would be very important to me I think, as life is so short and I know so precious.

So it has been fused glass, a group of small earring pieces that are really a request for things to be given to others for the holiday. I'm OK with that as I love the work and enjoy the result. A photo (not a great photo) of the pieces before firing and another (a little better photo) of one of the pairs after firing which was at the top center in the first photo. I'm also wearing out a red Prismacolor pencil this weekend. Nostalgia?

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