Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wind, Snow & 2 Angels

A wild day is developing here as the wind picks up, the temperature drops, and the only thing that really makes sense to do is "hunker down". The good news is that can include getting some important schoolwork done for next years classes, some purchase orders together for next semester, and maybe some studio time. I really want to work on putting together some video in Final Cut, so I will do some of that today with what I have for clips.

The weather outside is frightful, and the wind makes a dark shot of the whitecaps in the bay, but the snow along the shore as the tide backs relentlessly away makes a beautiful transition. It is fascinating how a photograph can portray the wildness of weather but not really place the viewer in the moment because it is so singularly dimensional. The feeling is in the composition and how much of the true scene the photographer can capture. I don't think I will venture out into the bay to become more immersed and therefore attempt a better shot.

The angels are simply vestiges of Christmas that we've not repacked into boxes and placed back under the cellar stairs, but they are symbolic to me on a number of levels. I found it interesting as I began to arrange the composition that one of them was turned back to, and probably wouldn't have given the image a second thought otherwise. I don't know who placed them in that position, but it caught my eye and then things happened from that point, resulting in the final image I am posting here.

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