Thursday, December 31, 2009

Steel and Ice

Well, more work on Torrey's car yesterday as Jen was perceptive enough to notice that the sway bar end was split off and may well have been making some of the noise that has been coming from the front end. I have tried a number of things to quell the sounds from this vehicle and am about ready to give up and let it heal itself (I have had several cars in the past that have done just that), but I doubt that I will be permitted that pathway. I have to change the oil in the Corolla tomorrow (whoops, this morning... sleep escapes me) morning and then will hopefully head to Winter Harbor to finish up on repairng the frame on my truck. The photo is of the sway bar support with all its rubber bushings... four tough to get at bolts, what fun!

The icicles are from the house eaves, cold weather is here.

Why do I strive so hard for symbolism in all I do? Understanding of the constructed meanings behind my work is limited to a few, a very few.

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