Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Mountain & The Woods

Wow! I had forgotten that this blog started in the snow last February, and then I looked back through some of the posts I have made in the past ten months and realized the volume of this work. It really does just take working a bit each day to accomplish something that may seem massive when taken as a whole. Building the house that I'm sitting in as I write this, producing a body of artwork that contains hundreds of prints (I just started making them as something new and fresh), and writing hundreds of emails dealing with school, life and the feelings that wash over me every day. It's not just me in this, but everyone who senses and who expresses themselves over time that makes the world turn and the legacy of life meaningful. We are amazing creatures, we human beings. Even though I know that nobody reads this, it is most often a catharsis for me depending on what the mood of the day happens to be.

So the snow moved me today... I was out on the shore and in the woods (times like these I often prefer the woods) and found several shots I would like to post. Cadillac was gorgeous first thing this morning, so that is a must, then a couple of shots of the woods near the house. My Photo One class just did a "patterns" assignment last week, and produced some nice images, so I found myself looking for random patterns of the trees and branches, an easy task with the snow and light working together on the many surfaces.

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