Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 Moons

Tonight I am on my own with Matt and the house, everyone else arriving later in the evening, so I took some time to appreciate the moon rising in the eastern sky and solve some photographic challenges in terms of exposure. I ended up setting the first exposure (that I liked - I probably tried half a dozen things before I got close) at a very low shutter speed of 4 seconds, and of course the tripod and shutter delay was needed. I didn't really zoom all the way in for the first shot, and the trees obscured the moon quite a bit. I liked the blue cast, and didn't really "tweak" much with the photo other than to re-size it for the web.

The second shot, several tries later, increased the zoom, shifted position to get more light between the trees, and increased the shutter to 1 second. The light color became much warmer and the halo effect around the branches more pronounced. This "pair of moons" was really worth the exploration and I like the effect of the trees in them. I had thought about trying the "nightshot" setting on camera, but it makes so much grain, I didn't think I would get a good image. Of course, with any low light situation there's bound to be more grain, I guess I should just learn to live with it.

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