Thursday, December 10, 2009

Students and Stimulation

Yes, they keep me so busy with challenges and questions and working on solving the many art problems that I push in their direction. I love it, and they seem to love it as well. There really is nothing like the satisfaction that I see in a student's face when they have discovered a new (at least to them) way of doing something or a point of view that is counter intuitive yet works for the application they have designed.

I will often tell students that it has been my experience that a certain way of doing things does not work well and they will pick up on my comment as a challenge to make something work... and then I learn how it can and why. We spend a lot of time in class looking at our art and talking about art in general, and it is very stimulating for me as an artist as I have a head full of ideas by the end of the day.
Today it was "go into the garage" (glad to have one) and work on Torrey's car as he has no heater fan. I took the fan out and it tested OK so now I'm looking at the switch. I often wish we had a mechanical magic wand!
The photos are from my Fiber Arts class (random weave baskets) and from Art 2 working on screen prints. I want to do some screen printing!

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