Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2 Views and Winter Harbor

Ahh, the thought of traveling over and across the coast of Maine via the scenic ocean highways is exhilerating and tonight I found myself in Southwest Harbor and Winter Harbor in the short span of a few hours. Sunday's post showed the Queen Angelina as I painted her bottom, but she is powered by a robust 454 c.i.d. Chevy engine and cruised to SW Harbor easily at about 18 knots. It's a guy thing. Anyway, I'm posting a couple of shots (during phone calls) of John's pier at SW from different points of view. There's something in looking at things from more than one direction, whether it is forward or backward or even sideways, which brings me to an interesting philosophy concerning change; briefly, things can only go one of three ways... they get better, they stay the same or they get worse. I like to move change, make it happen in a direction I am excited about, and I think when one does that the chance percentage of "things getting better" increases dramatically. So for you movers and shakers (not Shakers in the capital sense), go for it! Passive agressive does not work here.

The other photo was early evening in Winter Harbor and actually has some nice color in the eastern (yes, while everyone else was looking at the west sunset I looked east) sky over Sargent's point. Beauty is all around me and it spills into my soul.

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