Monday, July 5, 2010

The Waters Edge & Another Chipmunk

So I got up before the heat kicked in and took a 10 mile ride east with my camera, thinking that something might present itself to me as an interesting photo, but nothing did. For me that was weird, and I thought to myself on the way back (5 out, 5 back) that it was unusual, so my inquisitive mind realized that it might just have been a combination of a "poorly lit sky" (sorry, God), too early a morning for the summertime and, most assuredly, me!

Any way, I got back on track with the camera and seem to be taking a lot of pictures of "our" chipmunks. I got very close to the squirrel the other day and managed the same today with one of the numerous chipmunks around the house. They are cute little rodents, and one came up to me on the patio during coffee to where I could have reached out and touched it. Time on the boat today setting a bilge pump (no leaks, just rainwater) and a couple of pictures from the beach.

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