Friday, July 9, 2010

Center Harbor Sails & A Quart of Raspberries

So Vern and I went over to Center Harbor Sails in Brooklin this morning to see about getting some material so I could repair the mainsail for his Cape Dory 25, but they were so accommodating that they just repaired the sail while we were there. I don't know that I had been in a sail maker's loft for years and they were very organized and efficient. What a pleasure dealing with those kinds of people, they showed us around and were extremely courteous (not always the case with busy sailmakers this time of year). I got several photos I liked there of the owner working with his son, but the one I am posting is one where the boy seemed more than just disinterested in what was going on.

I also picked a couple of quarts of raspberries, after sneaking through the bushes and approaching the patch next door down near the water. Something, I'm thinking deer, had been down around the patch nibbling (bears tend to be a bit more sloppy) and bedding down in a patch of field. I also found a tick the size of a dime, but no pictures. I am posting a close up of the raspberries, yum!

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