Saturday, July 3, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes & Into the Real World

So I made it home and was astonished by how much the garden had changed. The blueberries are ripening (David picked a quart after supper tonight as I tilled the garden) and everything else seemed to have doubled in size. Astonishing when one remembers that last year everything was under 3 inches of water and the tomatoes were covered in blight.

Speaking of tomatoes, look at the giant one in the below post, it is already huge and ready to ripen. Yummy! I can hardly wait as there is nothing like fresh vegetables from the garden.

Below is one of several shots of a daisy patch on the path to the garden, which is where I also shot the blueberries above. I thought this picture was kind of cool with the honey bee in it as well. Ahhh! Two posts in one day, one from Portland at Torrey's this morning and the other from my own home. Does it ever get any better?

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