Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July Stuff and a Squirrel

A hot and humid day ending with the Bar Harbor Fireworks from our picnic area down by the shore, and a lot of time on the boat for the first time so far this summer. I invented (?) the "Double Dog", a man sized sandwich with two hot dogs jammed into a twice sliced bun complete with mustard and onions, but I guess one could have it any way they wanted, I just ask you to be creative with your condiments.

I post a shot of the Campbell family matriarch and her offspring at the annual 4th of July cook-out to show the range of expressions, including those of the 91 year old mother at her best enjoying the day.

Oh, and there's the squirrel that is constantly cleaning out the bird feeder, and I think I need to move the bird bath as he is using to launch onto the feeder. Too bad for glare and brightly lit background, but a real closeup of him.

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